I pretty much adore anything that fuses street wear and sartorial elements, Its almost mixing two of your cereals and making it work. I came from street wear and slowly grew into a wardrobe with a heavier sartorial influence,  but unlike most men I still keep a favorite baseball cap and a couple basketball shoes and mix them up when I feel the need to . I don’t remember the name on these Nikes on the gentleman but I love the way  he dressed it up , inspired. ♣ → more




  1. JustChillen

    Terrible, sorry to be so harsh but everything is just put together well. the jeans are to tight, the jacket is the wrong one maybe a leather one but not this one, and the fact that he wearing an element hat just doesn’t make any since to me. I have to idea what he is trying to pull of here. great blog though

    • I am sorry sir but you are making me crack up this sunday afternoon . I appreciate you taking time out to comment but i am sorry your desperate urge to sound like style expert is lost at sea. Iam sorry but first of all this guy is wearing a pair of sneakers and his pants gather on his sneakers , i believe that is enough room to pull a split and a round house kick with no problem , lastly this photo was taken sideways and the only way you can tell if a pair of pants is too tight is in the crotch area and how much room it affords the owner. This gentleman played with dark and muted tunes without making them clash but if you dont appreciate it that’s fine with me , this blog is to inspire you be it to stick to your style or get inspired and so if this post made you cement what you would have done otherwise my work is still done. thank you.

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