lFinally! Thanks to good people at Asseblief I now have my hands on two items on my most wanted list, I am going to save the other find for another day but today you lot get to see my big bird costume. Even though my time is majorly spent in the tropics, a yellow knitted sweater has been sitting on my most wanted list for time and God aligned the stars for me this past weekend when I came across a vintage  Sergio tacchini knitted yellow sweater just sitting in the menswear section of the Asseblief vintage store (good market Johannesburg) . → MORE PHOTOS  I know I keep banging it in that brands don’t make up style but you can’t deny the fact that that’s where quality usually has tea, THERE IS NO DENYING YOU HAVE TO INVEST WHEN IT COMES TO STAPLES and  this sweater has aged so well and its by far the best condition vintage find I have ever come across. My uncle use to yap about sergio tacchini when I was a young one in high school, I just felt a breeze of his approval when I yanked it off the rack. Why a yellow sweater? Well I can’t get over the beautiful sight of seeing yellow paired with  a light wash or a  dark wash denim, its almost perfect  . I personally don’t play with color a lot but when I do the main trick is to fuse it , and that’s basically just pairing them with muted and dark masculine colors . South Africa is approaching winter and this bad boy knit is going to come in handy . If you ever touchdown in south Africa kindly visit the Asseblief store in Johannesburg (73 juta street, braamfontein ). ♣ all photos by | Allen Coleman for



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