Dear Blake lively , I know we met in the sale section but destiny didn’t put our love on discount . Our love is destined to be as classy as you are , and I promise to pair you with nothing but staples . I am sad I didn’t  get to meet  your maker  but I will say a silent prayer of gratitude every time a lace knot grounds our union .i can’t wait to age with you , so I can trace back every journey we took when I spot the creases and the marks our union left on your black leather skin .♣


The black leather shoe is the classic first purchase of most men, and it transcends its existence as a mere reliable choice of footwear but also as a sign of a man’s journey and appreciation for the unwritten rules of the gentleman’s wardrobe. Personally I think the black leather lace ups don’t make a statement as loud as a pair of shoes but its position as the safe kit of a man’s wardrobe has been tested through time. Some may have a different view but I think black shoes lack character, they come across as a uniform and so when it comes to picking black leather lace up the main aim is to reduce the boring factor. It’s still surprising that some men still have the stomach to spend more than a minute in the bulky and square toe section; it’s one of the reasons I don’t look down when I am on a train.  I am not here to write a book so let’s just skip to the end.♣


first off please take the first cab you get away from any salesman who throws any square toe and bulky shaped  shoes in your face. You are better off with shoes that compliment and mimic  the sleek clean lines that your tailored clothes possess, so  shoes with a slimmer silhouette and clean lines would do you good and  remember to keep it the toe rounded and not number 2 pencil pointed (if I was bulky I wound stick to a more rounded toe but since I am two junctions away from  a French supermodel  I stick to a more pointed toe shape )♣

In my opinion black shoes should come in wing tip brogues ,monk straps and toe capped lace ups ; yes we are still on the reduce the boring factor , you are safe with these if you belong to the party of people who hate spending money on shoes  that don’t have tv screens  in the soles .♣

Shoe trees, you skipped out a couple rent payments to get your shoes so please make sure they last long enough to see your new place when you get kicked out of the old place . A shoe tree is a device approximating the shape of a foot that is placed inside a shoe to preserve its shape, stop it from developing creases and thereby extend the life of the shoe.(Wikipedia , u believe me now?)♣

Don’t try on the shoes with your gym socks, no. I will not explain this , just don’t wear the kind of socks you will be wearing the shoes with so it’s advisable to sport some dress socks or stash a pair .(ok I kind of explained )♣

If it’s not in your size kindly exit the store , walking around in a shoe that doesn’t fit  takes world peace a step back .♣

And lastly, name your shoes and treat her like the prettiest girl you …blake lively

shoes by SCARPE  dal MONDO

photo| allen coleman



  1. winsome

    Totally in love with this one here. Your creative eye is beyond beautiful. Great job

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