Every time I  scan my environment for a photo its more than spotting the hottest outfit or trend , it’s the character and that ‘’something’’ that you can’t put your finger on that attracts me. When I saw this young woman I couldn’t put my finger on that something that caught my eye,   she was like a mix of 50’s elegance and 80’s rock and roll chick. She’s so beautiful , too bad I couldn’t get a decent smile out this one  but I am glad o got a street style post my mum and my sister agree on. #happymidweek



  1. I really like your blog. Do you ask people if you can take their pic or do Top Secret shots? Curious because I see 101 people I’d love to take a pic of – what’s the best way to ask?

    • Thank you! and i yes i basically approach people and ask them for a photo. I use to rumble when i approached people at first cause i was so nervous which is fine, but with time i learnt when people say no to a photo its only because they feel the photo wont come out well and so i stopped looking at a ”NO” as form of rejection but as a sign of re assuring them that if the photo doesnt come out nice i promise to delete it infront of them..and it works. Just last week i had to convince the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life that she was pretty enough for my camera. I suggest you start shooting your friends to get that confidence and then you can boldly walk up to people with a solid knowledge of your art in your hands, and remember to be polite . Be polite with your greeting , introduce yourself, COMPLIMENT before you make your request and be patient to answer any question they may have concerning where the photos are going ( nice way to promote your blog).

      thank you

  2. Thandi Nina

    Hi, its Thandi, the lady in the pic. Thank you for the appreciation 🙂 It is very well appreciated, and its a lovely picture – I wasn’t quite sure of what you wanted hence the lack of smile…but generally I am that shy girl who hides her smile. That said, if you are interested (since you are concerned with style and clothing) I model clothes for Kotini who are based in Durban but sell to anyone anywhere. Pretty vintage alternative clothes. Here is the link.

    be well xx

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