♣ I have been dancing all day and not to bore anyone that stayed in ‘’lazy Sunday’’ mode all the day watching re-runs of SUITS, but church was the shiznit!. My pastor had a 2chainz moment today when he said ‘’if your grace is the ocean then I am sinking’’…#punch line! I wish everybody a happy Sunday and an eventful week …OH and lupe’s AROUND THE WAY is on playcount 132. GOD BLESS._ ♣ THECOLE+Kid

TIP ♣ a lot of gentlemen stick to the safe black pair of socks no matter what shoe or color of pants they wear , but according to unseen BIBLE of the gentleman your socks are supposed to match your pants, its  so that the view and the full stop of your outfit becomes more solid with your shoes. Feel free to charge up your outfit with pop colored socks that charge up an outfit especially if its casual, but if your wardrobe calls for something formal like say a suit, then the next time you are in your favorite store try picking out pairs that match your suit pants. It kinda makes it easy people to assume you are twice the gentleman.



  1. Huh. I never knew that thing about socks. I kind of just wear whatever socks I want… That’s probably a bad thing. Next time I’m at the store, though, I’ll be buying some nice-looking socks. Cool

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