There is always that gentleman than people say ‘you can learn a thing or two from ‘’, well LINO IELUZZI is the kind of gentleman you can learn more than a thing or two from. A man’s wardrobe, especially if you are talking style revolving around the classic formal look is full of rules and traditions, so when a man creates his own lane on that road most will bet their money that’s the guy who can feed inspiration to a thousand with just a tailor and a decent pair of brown shoes. Often I get asked how rate men with style, it’s simple, my list is full of men who do what’s supposed to be done their own way, that means they might bend the rules but won’t break it and they happen to do it with style .You will most likely find LINO IELUZZI playing around with classic menswear staples and at the same putting a dash of that Italian charisma that makes his style very difficult to ignore and has gone on to make him a street style icon. It’s not a secret that LINO IELUZZI is not a new age gentleman, but how come men of today are so obsessed with him?  .They were not throwing you off the boat when they advised you to stick with the classics, and that is what LINO IELUZZI  has stuck to and still managed to perfect it by fusing his Italian charisma into it. Apart from the obvious attention to fit and color choice it’s the unbuckled monk straps, the winter gloves a pocket square , the immaculate way  he maneuvers in a well fitted double breasted suit , the always present dimple in his tie knot ; it’s not farfetched to say  he is a living benchmark for every true gentleman out there. Like I said in the beginning you can learn more than a thing or two from this gentleman. ♣



  1. Just from looking at Lino Ieluzzi you can see that he has so much fun just being LINO IELUZZI ! What an insperational icon. Again your writing is fabulous.


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