It’s been a minute since I jumped on my fashion photography  projects and so I figured its about time I dropped the last installment of the photo series dubbed  ‘’the cockpit journals’ featuring the ever energetic model frankly. For the newbies who missed my first  fashion photography gig you can search the ‘’cockpit journal’’ tags or simply click here to check out the subsequent editions. I kind of went back to the drawing board and re touched some of the photos,  and since they are happen to be  my first and I practically pulled it off with no artificial lighting or whatsoever just to challenge myself, I had a tough time getting the photos to where I wanted them to be so I appreciate the patience and encouragement on this journey . This is just to let you lot know  that the last installment has already been shot but  is still in the works, but until is shows up here I am going post some re worked photos on the 500pix account (click link to check out the account) just to  quench the anxiety . I want to thank everyone for taking out time to tell me where I went wrong and where I got it right , I love you guys . Thank you ♣



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