♣I have seen PLANET L play more times than I count on one hand but for some reason nothing ever makes it feel the same .I have never been a jazz person but I honestly think it’s mostly because I have never really exposed myself to the genre, and even though I have come to appreciate it through its fusion with hip-hop I have never really sat down to drown myself in a bottle of jazz. These guys come out looking like your quintessential jazz players every week from foulards with bowties, immaculate suits and suspenders with a very 50’s vibe.  Anyone that tries to describe music with words needs to be applauded for trying the impossible, because I don’t think there are any words out there that can frame the picture of me hearing these always impeccably dressed talented guys play for the first time. Its always a pleasure to shoot these guys, they are as friendly as their music and I am actually going to  see them play today so if any of you happen to be in Johannesburg you can check them out today at KITCHENERS in Braafontein , JUTA street.   Peace and much love to ya! ♠ MORE IMAGES ↓



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