♣ Being away from home, the one thing I miss is thrift shopping. The process is beyond therapy for me so when my addiction bells went through the roof I decided to hit up the local thrift store spots in town. The angels of thrifting for some reason are always by my side , how else could I explain my lucky find, a private registrant LEE AOU knitwear with gold button collar detail and over lapping shoulder  .This lucky number doesn’t button up but it feels as warm as hell (never been but I know you get the expression).The detail on the shoulders kind of makes me feel like MJ wouldn’t have thought twice to grab it off the rack, thriller type .I am so happy with this find especially with its layering versatility  , I basically throw it over anything  when the weather gets chilly and I am good to go. (if you are ever in south Africa swing by the thrift stalls at the arts on main events on Sundays, Johannesburg) . more images ↓

Basic t shirt by h&m ♣   knit sweater by lee Auo  ♣   Denim pants by RIVER ISLAND   ♣   Boots by TIMBERLAND   ♣  Gold plated watch by CASIO   ♣  Brooch by TRINKET DESIGNS

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