The first part of the war is almost over ! I’m back home in Pretoria for the week and I want to thank all those who kept checking back and forth for updates ( if your smart ass had subscribed you heart wouldn’t be missing  beats every time you hit the refresh button hoping for an update ) , but I love you guys for holding down my stats. I am still not out of the loop yet but I am going to updating when I get the time to, don’t worry its going to be regular. So I ripped my favorite denim in the crotch, met some new people and finally bought something new . I really appreciate all the emails and the comments! You guys have no idea how much appreciate you taking time out to share your views. ALLEN is grateful.


One response to THE STREET LOVE

  1. ooh you are from pretoria?i travell there most of the time and i will be there on the 12th july…i have friends there so i will be checking them before heading home to jozi…i love your blog the…keep up the good work..:)

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