thecole+kid picks | the KNOTTERY  is retailing silk knitted ties for 25$, I had to check if it was a charity site for the needy gentleman just to be sure  . Is the price the catch? Yes it is and most importantly because the collection of ties knocks way better than half of these over priced ones lurking about in your wish lists . My favorites amongst the collection is definitely  the  longshoreman,the tempest and the blaze. I just stumbled on the brand and you know how I love bringing you guys the scoop on my finds .i love this company ,apart from its refreshing collection of ties I also skimmed through their pocket square line and fell in love with their pocket square dubbed ‘’the cob’’, and they only retail for $12!. I know it feels like I have been paid to do this but skip through their ‘’about us ‘’ (below ), their collection of ties and  see if you don’t get the same  tickle in your wardrobe. >> view more 

About Us

”We are a small company who knows what the men of today are looking for (besides love). In the real world, a man should be able to afford the tie he loves and not be forced to love the tie he can afford. The vision: affordable style for the initiated; attainable style to the beginner. This isn’t your grandfather’s haberdasher (unless he wants it to be). We’ve created limited runs of ties we want to wear and hope you will like ’em too. Let us know what you think.”shop knottery HERE

 Jack and Jay


One response to thecole+kid picks | the KNOTTERY

  1. kojo

    Dope!!…Allen we have a deal lol…nice stuff though…I sported a silk knitted tie to work today,,,This piece vindicates me!!

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