It seems every year a new colour creeps into my wardrobe to dominate, this year it happens to be president green. Green has always been a favourite colour but for some strange reason it has never been a go to colour  in my wardrobe until recently. I honestly don’t know how it started but the only thing I probably don’t have in green are a pair of socks and pants. I thrifted this army green shirt a few months ago but only just got them back from the tailors (he thought I was serious about my diet). I hate being in the middle of a trend but there was no way I was going to run from my military print camouflage print addiction  just because everyone and their aunt has jumped on the wagon. . (Adjusts seat to blow horn) yes I made those pants and it was my idea to add a little jungle to the cuffs . PEACE LIVE LIFE, GOD. EXISTS>>more photos 


2 responses to FWST theCOLE+Kid | MEAN GREEN MACHINE

  1. winsome

    love the look. u look amazing there. the creativity with the pants is beautiful. way to go son

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