Women never fail to make the point that when it to comes dressing up for the its easier for men because ours is as easy as finding a top and a bottom then it’s through the door. There is a bit of truth to that but as its easy as it sounds this task has been mastered by a few. The point is men clothing is pretty limited so everything falls on the unique pieces a man picks .A thousand men can be found cladded in the same t shirt and pants but none will come off looking the same. Today’s pick   is from the B STORE  camp, with button fastenings through the front and a contrasting collar, this striped loopback-cotton rugby shirt from b store offers an alternative take on sports-inspired style . I personally LOVE stripes, whether bold or subtle, and even more on this RUGBY shirt. The contemporary British label always delivers the cool factor. Throw this over almost anything except what granny suggests . You  can SHOP this  HERE . Kindly drop a comment and do well to subscribe to receive post alert s (the subscribe icon is at the bottom DROP YOUR EMAIL and DONE!)>>>more photos 


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