About a week ago I was drooling over  the scalp tenders  by  the south African brand BABATUNDE that I came across courtesy of fab magazine .So imagine my ‘macaulay culkin  ‘’home ALONE  slaps both cheeks’’ face when I saw  these gems sitting there waiting for me .First of all I want to thank the people at  imagine nation for breaking out my home sickness.  I was greeted by Adam Levin,    who doubles as an interior decorator and the director for the  imagine nation store both as a store and brand .Sensing my admiration for the babatunde brand , Adam with his knowledgeable self  took me through the journey of the brand and single handedly carved me  a new found respect for the brand . I initially stumbled on babatunde via the popularity of their  porkpie  and fedoras, so I was surprise to find items such as peak caps, bow ties  and umbrellas under their brand >>>>MORE PHOTOS    Babatunde is   the brainchild of a Fashion Stylist and Traveler, Babatunde looks at embracing what is truly African and promoting strong family values. The word Babatunde is a Yoruba (Nigerian) name, translated the word means “the father returns”. The people at  Babatunde are not  content  just being a fashion brand ,but seeks to push the envelope  by playing the  horn to  urge  fathers to return to Africa, for  Men to  behave like men – accept responsibility and accountability for themselves . The babtunde brand recently joined forces with the imagine nation store which stocks rare selection of clothing, artwork, furniture and accessories from all over world   to roll out limited edition t shirts exclusive to the store only .I am going to bring you more on this collaboration  later on , if you happen to be in  south Africa the imagine nation store  is located at 44 Stanley Avenue Johannesburg and Trade Roots, 13 Hudson Stree Capetown .

Visit the shop online www.imaginenation.com



  1. cheryth

    Those bow ties are well pretty. And as always, u look good rocking that. I need one of dem brollies though.

  2. They look good, are they that good or your camera is deceiving me? Thanks for providing the link to the online store

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