I have fallen over a lot of things, but the way you protect me with the fear of losing me still leaves me on the floor. I have come to  understand your quest for perfection when it comes to the man you wake up to, but sometimes I really feel  like I am about to wake up in the middle of your smile . I will never get use to the ground floor I get taken to when I see tire tracks of tears on your cheek, but Jesus knows the preview of your smile that forms in the corner of your lips when my absence is no more over throws the definition of joy in my diction. Carrot, the way our fingers lock so perfectly proves there is a key to our existence, so when we walk down the street and I point out objects that try to mimic your beauty and people scream out “you guys look good together!” I smile because I get reminded every morning when you put your future next to mine.

Photography | allen ‘’theCOLE+Kid’’ coleman

Write up | allen ‘’theCOLE+Kid’’ coleman



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