This almost feels like a self review but I have been dying to show you guys what I have been up to for some time now with my design project . I decided to come with a shirt line the latter part of last year and to be honest it hasn’t been easy  putting  my knowledge of shirts as a consumer down to one of a maker . God has been good, your boy has made a few moves and starting to ease up on the dust I have become use to biting, through all this I have decided to take you guys on the journey with me AND in the same medium get feedback and pointers. The line is basically aiming at both genders so there is a lot of room to play and mess about with so I would love input from anywhere. I am going to bring you lot more photos so you don’t feel left out , today features the first effort dubbed the ‘’partial love ‘’ sported by muse , the lovely @Ms_Fr3SHDAILY . The denim shirt features a contrast  club collar with button cuffs , the shirt is short lengthen for customers who do not appreciate the long drape when worn untucked . This denim fabric is solid and heavy with no form of treatment so it makes it a tad bit uncomfortable in very humid conditions. Brand name and the works haven’t been finalized as we are still working the direction of the line but I promise to put you guys up on game when the time beckons .Pray for me. THANK YOU.>>>MORE PHOTOS


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  1. Ms.K

    Slowly working your way up. Nothing will get in your way once you stay focused on the dream. Way to go champ,certainly keeping you in our prayers.


  2. soraya k

    Looks hot!!! I actually loooooove it. I would definitely wear that. Its simple but very classy. Like the texture and colour too. And the fit is perfect. Nice work ;).

  3. Jilma B. Al-hassan

    Dude … I’m officially ur 1st official customer …(allow my use of official)ur attention to detail is on pt… this is just the beginning … cant wait for the entire collection … stay blessed n keep at it

  4. Kwame Nkum-Hefferson

    Fam, I think you’re pioneering a way here. I’m not sure I know any designer that has tried to get his/her buyers ideas on how to make his/her line desirable for them. Profound, I’d say! Can you say “Market-End approach”? I’ll say a prayer for you. Keep at it. I’m loyal

  5. Derick Dickson

    Allen, truly inspiring stuff. The fashion in which @Ms_Fr3SHDAILY rocks it makes it all look even better.
    Not sure whether the vision is global at present but what i guess you might have to consider is sticking with this quality(material) in much cooler areas(Europe,USA etc) and probably looking at reducing the heaviness(if possible) in much more humid areas#Adaptation
    Great stuff

  6. Great shirtting bro nice details, I look forward to seeing your growth this has to be fun and exciting at the same time good luck on your journey.

  7. Understated yet beautiful. A timeless piece that will resonate for years to come. The details are so simple yet so well articulated, the obvious being the club collar. The length of the shirt as well as how the edges are tailored for the female form *hehe i see you* . The only detail i didnt enjoy, was the size of the cuffs. Wish they were smaller. . . . Whoop whoop well done

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