FWST presents #theCOOLonesHAVEalreadyBEENBORN > UCHE SAYS

Style is Pure, it is said to be by far the deepest representation of self . The way we do things basically screams everything about us even when when we don’t seem to be volunteering information . To endorse someone’s style basically just spells out your admiration for what they have done with what the universe has given them, today freshwallstreet endorses Uche as a style curator , simply a beautiful representation of self. I discovered during one of my hunt for new accounts to follow on tumblr and I was instantly hooked . Apart from from Uche’s  ability to mix the wardrobe of both genders effortlessly,  its the person who sits behind the visual that seals that the cool ones have already been Born. READ INTERVIEW >>>>

FWST   If your style could be rammed up into one song what song would it be?   Oh I honestly can’t think of one.


FWST   Your style is ? Androgynous, relaxed, simple, casual and overly accessorized. I dress according to the occasion.

FWST What’s your favorite  item in your wardrobe now ? I love watches and at some point I used to have about 10 of them. My favorite thing would be my Micheal Kors watch(es). I love both of em.

FWST  From your blog its not a secret that you have a touch with photography, how did that love affair come about? I have a HUGE passion for photography and I’ve always had a fascination for it even as a little girl growing up in Nigeria. I met someone a few years ago who rekindled my love for it. The way he talked about his lenses and what they can do; the passion he oozed was like a mental orgasm to me. I thought to myself “I should really explore this side of me seeing as I love it and have always admired it from afar” I bought a DSLR as soon as I could afford one. I’ve since acquired a couple of lenses as well. I’ve also got a 35mm film camera. This one is so challenging because there’s no “preview” button and what you shoot is what you get. I love Portra films as well. The effect is just awesome if you get it right. Often times I critique myself like “this one is overly saturated” or “I don’t like how I edited this”. I always push myself too.

FWST   What would you never take a picture of ?  I’d never take a photo of someone eating. I don’t care how beautiful you’re but a face stuffed with food isn’t exactly pleasant.

FWST   Batman or Superman? Superman

FWST  What are your major influences when it comes to style?  Elin Kling, Kate Lanphear, Nick Wooster,Marianne from the blog style devil and Tilda Swinton. I also love vintage blazers because of the details. Detail is extremely important to me. I look out for the buttons, colors and the lapel. They just don’t make em like that anymore. I have a lot of blazers. I love menswear and most of my inspiration comes from that.

FWST  What’s the worst song you have heard this year ? Seeing as I’ve been listening to a lot of Nigerian music lately; I’ll say Nawti by Olu Maintain or Mueh Mueh by Bracket. Pretty bad stuff

FWST  Who would you love to style for  a week and a day? Kate Lanphear. In fact I don’t even need to style her( I’m pretty sure she’ll think I’m rubbish). I just wanna spend a day with her. She’s so fascinating to me. I’m like in love with her. I first saw her in a streetstyle blog last year. Found out all I could about her and now I just admire her and everything she embodies.  *gushes*

FWST If i were a genie and i could get you any pair of shoes what would it be?  I’m in love with two shoes at the moment. A Senso metal tip slippers and a To be announced suede platform brogues. I’ll like one of each please.

FWST  What’s the first thing that people assume wrongly about you? Oh my style is a bit boyish or androgynous which ever you wanna call it so sometimes people assume that I like women? I have nothing against anyone who is but I’ve never been attracted to women in that way. I’m as straight as a biro. I think more so now that I’ve got short hair  but oh well

FWST  you don’t know how to ….. I can’t drive a stick shift/a manual car. First time I tried it, let’s just say things didn’t go so well .Never again i tell you. Never!

FWST  Your fav brand is? Celine. If I were extremely wealthy then I’d wear Celine simply because well first things first, Phoebe Philo is so amazing. She’s simply unreal! Now Celine is practical, minimalist, a tad boyish and just ready to wear. I’m not deep into fashion to explain how “opulent” something is or what have you but when I look at Celine I see something I can wear without trying too hard. Also I love Chanel accessories so if I had the money; I’ll max out on those as well.

FWST  What wouldn’t you be caught dead wearing? 6 inch heels. I can’t walk in those to save my life so why look like an uncomfortable headless chicken in one? I admire those who can strut in them but for me? I’ll pick something comfortable over those any day.

FWST  Do you think racism is dead? I believe that as long as we as humans have a different/difference in the shades of skin tone; there’ll be racism and stereotypes even within our own community. What will set one apart from the other is how they choose to deal with it. What will make a difference is what we teach our children about it in the near future. Racism will never die I think. What will help greatly however; is our attitude towards it.


FWST  If I confessed that you are a beautiful strong woman what would be your response? I’ll say that I’m very flattered, chuffed and at the same time humbled. It takes a strong person to compliment another. It is one thing to admire someone for something and another to tell them about it. I always strive to do the latter.

 FWST DOES YOUR PLACE OF ORIGIN INFLUENCE YOUR STYLE? I grew up in a small city in the eastern part of Nigeria. We all strived to wear whatever was in at the time but I grew up playing soccer with the boys. Once upon a time, I used to be a proper tomboy. I’ve always gravitated towards all things menswear inspired so I guess you can say that being around the boys did have some influence. I must confess however that it has taken me a long while to find the right balance though.

For those who just took up an addiction check Uche’s BLOG here > www.styleenthusiast.tumblr.com


3 responses to FWST presents #theCOOLonesHAVEalreadyBEENBORN > UCHE SAYS

  1. edythschandorf

    I totally love this post. Her sense of style is amazing. Oh and I love the interview questions, they are different, very beautiful post I say. Keep em coming sir.

  2. Ms.K

    The cool have def been born. Awesome interview, and her accessories are everything. Keep up the good work Allen ;).


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