Strivers Row is one of those rare men’s lifestyle brands that prides itself for ‘’breathing life into fashion by studying the past’’. The brand believes that a firm knowledge of your history is the best way to know who you are and where you’re going. Taking inspiration from the stories and heroes of the twenties and thirties, they have chosen not to listen to the conventional wisdom encouraging them to follow the pack and reduce the quality of their goods.

The strivers row brand caught my eye as the only brand riding this camouflage print craze with deeper sense of individuality unlike other brands who are carelessly riding the wave just ot get noticed . Their new collection boasts of classic men’s wear staples infused with the camouflage print. I can’t really put my finger on it but the brand seems to have covered so much   ground with detail and character to where it’s confusing to pin point what truly draws you in . The brand aims to tell a story with each garment and I must say I like where the story is going with this collection. ‘’ . Every piece in our collection tells a story. Each garment chronicles tales from the past and the men who wore it. We are no longer mere designers of men’s wear but curators of the best historical design the world has to offer.’’



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