Nowadays I seem to find myself with my best foot forward every time i have  ‘’smart casual’’ moment . I saw a character sport a polo shirt and tie in BBC’s popular series THE Hustle and since then I have always been looking for a chance to pull that look off. I don’t know where this style originates from but I strangely find it quintessentially British. Some might say it’s against tradition to sport a polo with a tie  but i honestly find it conventionally chic, and I love anything that bridges casual and formal wear, its a genius lane that a few have mastered. I decided to play this look with my favourite grass Green charlatan polo, and opted for dark solid colours to add that matured tone .Polo shirts don’t have the save collar size as shirts so I got a tie that has a light structure and could make knot small enough to sit comfortably between the collar points   , and this lightweight vertigo knitted tie does the trick quite nicely. I am also glad to inform you that  the vintage leather shop will be opening soon so keep your eyes peeled , and yes gems like that crocodile  leather  briefcase pictured above with its owner (me)  will be available for sale . Have a nice weekend yall!
more photos > 

Polo Shirt by charlatans by iamisigo, jeans by riverisland , shoes by kurt Geiger , Vintage crocodile leather briefcase by cheney  courtesy of trainwreck vintage store



  1. Salve darling, long time right!
    Great post, i hope you do shipping because mi piace che il coccodrillo valigetta (I’m living in Italy now so I’m learning the language).



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