I packed my bags twice , checked the weather report twice , read myself the saftey manuals four times , checked engine and fuel gauge more times than my mother checks herself in the mirror , but I have looked out the window a million and seventy three times just to make sure you are not coming .  I swear I can fly from deceit and illusions with an empty tank and peanut butter sandwich in my mouth, but this is difficult. This reeks of truth, and that I didn’t pack for, for these bags I carry know of beautiful dead end roads, pride, and fear. And if there was a little space I could put faith I would probably pack a dozen tooth brushes.more photos > I want to thank everybody that showed support on  my tumblr page www.allencoleman.tunblr.com and on here. I thank you for me making me pick up my camera with you guys in mind  filling me with inspiration . To everyone who sent me mails asking me when the next lens life installment on the cockpit journals would come out when I posted the sneak peek on tumblr, thank you . Hats off to @frankeyz for making this climb easy with her work ethic , freshwallstreet loves you. I cant promise but a third installment might pan out so keep your fingers crossed and prayers straight. We shot this piece in a tight spaced aircraft with no artificial lighting, just natural light. All luggage was courtesy of train wreck vintage stores. KINDLY COMMENT AND TAKE TIME OUT TO SUBSCRIBE TO RECEIVE POST ALERTS – JUST ADD YOUR EMAIL AND DONE!

Model : @frankeyz

Photographer : Allen Coleman

Write up : Allen Coleman

Styling : @frankeyz

Leather goods: trainwreck vintage store

Supervisor: GOD


One response to FWST LENS LIFE | THE COCKPIT JOURNALS : the second entry

  1. Allen. Keep it going. I love this whole inspiration. Nothing works as good as a good team. Frankeyz seems telepathic with the idea In your head and the poetics

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