If there was one brand that I had to bet my all on that it wouldn’t survive the test if time it  definitely  would’ve been A bathing Ape brand . To my disappointment this brand is turning out to be one of the brands I can’t seem to get enough of which is not surprising with their never ending ability to churn out beautifully crafted collection upon collection. Off the success of their cult following street wear line, the brand has created Mr. Bathing ape which primarily aims to cater to a more matured audience with its sartorial influence. I am very happy didn’t leave out its aesthetic for the military print camouflage that its popularly known for. Their autumn collection 2011 features military print pocket squares and ties that I am still planning to get my hands on. I have a feeling this brand is going to be a favorite this year especially with the love the military camouflage print is getting. I tip my hat off to this brand for coming out with efforts that did not like they desperately seeking new audiences , but instead delivered pieces from suits to shoes that scream out  obsessive attention to detail.  I need me those tan brown and white brogues, the camouflage print blazer, camouflage print pocket square and tie …..i hope a kind person at Mr. BATHING ape is reading this .



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