I am the pilot. I have more on takeoff protocol than I do on the back of my own hands . Taking off has always been the easy part , I’m like granny’s vase , I don’t get to break twice so we find new landing spots even when the clock sounds like its ticking the wrong way . I know when,how and where to go , but from some reason my take off plans have decided to disrespect time…I am not waiting for you but for some reason the throttle gear is the last thing i want to touch right now . i keep checking my wing flaps , dead end  .I have empty seats all around me but its the vacancy in the seat that should have you that keeps my engine cold. My pride is my black box , and it hates the silence it records. I don’t have a clue how to be a pilot today because i don’t have any idea how to fly from something i believe in        JOURNAL ENTRY ONE

I love pushing myself into corners that others may not dare to go . I did this shoot with nothing but natural light source . I had no reflectors or flash help here , just pure use of natural light in this tight space . Big hang-tight to @frankeyz for the wonderful work ethic that i will forever admire . Thank you



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