Correct proportions, attention to detail, proper skin and hair colour coordination, sticking to the rules of the gentleman’s code and a touch of individuality; these are the reasons most arranged marriages flourished back in the day. One look at a gentleman and ladies agreed to a union in seconds.   .They say some men were born natural wardrobe gentlemen whiles some play the perfect wardrobe  robot , let’s just say with current influx of men who still buy suits in the size their mum assumed would fit we are more than eager to welcome both .  These days you will be hard pressed to find gentlemen who know about the appropriate tie knot to collar type   let alone the importance of skin and hair colour contrast. Well let’s just say people who run into David bowler do not have the luxury to say the same. On my first trip to France I run into a store assistant who passively made a comment about the fact that I was dark skinned enough to wear anything , well I didn’t understand until I stumbled on the importance of hair and skin colour contrast in a gentleman’s wardrobe . According to the skin and hair contrast rule when it comes to dark skin men the more we incorporate colour into our ensemble the more it radiates our skin. Mr Bowler’s outfit hits gold with this rule. David is dark skinned, and so the high contrast between his navy blue suit and his pale pink shirt leads the look straight to his face giving no room for distraction .It’s very refreshing to see a young gentleman who has has appreciation for day cravats.  I personally wouldn’t mind running into Mr Bowler everyday just to document the fact that there are still gentlemen out there, period. (MORE PHOTOS) 



  1. Dude is wearing a navy tuxedo-(satin-covered buttons)-suit in the middle of day in a public, non-formal setting. The look is dope as hell no doubt, but I just can’t shake the non-functionality of the outfit.

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