It’s funny how style repeats itself more times than my dad does when he is going over the grocery list . Every now and then the military camouflage print makes a comeback like it never left  and I am glad to say its at best trick   again . I honestly think the military camouflage is like an ex girlfriend that pops in every now and then to make you fall in love again and then disappears into air thinner than the side view of Paris Hilton. Why we love the military camouflage print? I  I think its provocative, it gets the people going!. The military camouflage print since it stepped of out army barracks all over the world has become a force to reckon FROM THE STREETS TO THE RUNWAY and it seems we keep falling out of love just to fall back inThe camouflage print has steadily made a comeback and style curators are buying into it like a hot stock on the market. I personally love the print because its bold and does little to stand out, period. My love for the print came as wave from the urban scene when the print took hip hop as a hostage in the 90’s. They were my   favorite because my favorite rapper wore them, but now they are my favorite because I love the noise it makes in an outfit. The camouflage in dark tones is when is at its best for me , even though I admire the new color palette it has taken up , its claim to fame patterns like  the  jungle and desert  take the cake for me The military camouflage print is simply one bad ass print and it works well with complimenting  dark and muted colors . I believe there shouldn’t be  one traditional way to do things especially with clothes  because it tends to  limits versatility  and individuality , but if  you want to stay in the safe line I suggest you don’t clad yourself head to toe in the print or fuse other patterned prints that will clash or  throw  your outfit off unless the safe mode gets boring for you  . The trick is to  to make the print the loud fact, so I  I suggest you simply stage it with dark colors or muted colors  and let the bold print play its role .    . . I love it when the print finds itself in the little things like a tie or a belt, it still manages to send out a very loud note of class and edge especially with an ensemble with dominant muted colors. It would be difficult not to find anything from tailored garments to  tie bars in military camouflage print now , but as hard it would not be easy not hide from the print kindly simple and I promise major Payne will be nice to you.    


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