FWst Retail Therapy | BRAVEHEART by EIKO

I always deem it blessing  every time I find myself in the middle of something new and inspiring, and so my case of insomnia  when I was contracted to come up with a look book for a new footwear brand didn’t come as a surprise to me , my creative bulbs were too high for me to fall asleep. I got a bucket  full of inspiration and anxiety  to put my mark on the world and I have the people over at EIKO to thank . Eiko (i-ko) which means Glory in Japanese, is a new luxury footwear brand that aims to  bridge the gap between affordable and quality shoes specially handcrafted to meet the bespoke taste of its customers  .Eiko’s first weapon from its arsenal dubbed  ‘’braveheart’’ comes  in a sued tassle loafer in black,brown ,red and purple colorways,   will be the first to hit the market from the brand  . There is nothing like tapping into the  determination and hunger to achieve a vision , and this brand definitely has that . I am anxious to see what this brand has in store  for the year and I will be updating you guys when the online  store is up and running but for now you get to enjoy the sneak peek . I’ll kindly be grateful for any comments on the look book . thank you 


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