If I had the chance to be anywhere other than between warm sheets with a cup of custard and live nerve wrecking basketball game sent from heaven in the middle of a rainstorm it would be at a fitting for an Ovadia and Sons suit , take the suit away I’ll be back in bed tucked in just in time to catch the 3r quarter . I have been a fan of this refreshing brand since I fell in love with their footwear line about a Year ago, the brand is a sneak peek of their fall collection and I am not surprised that it already reeks of  a  perfectly put together collection . The reason why this brand stands out when it comes to their peers is that they execute a certain trait that most brands fail their hands at , and that is pushing tradition . Menswear unlike womenswear doesn’t leave too much room to play with since our wardrobe is based on 80% tradition , and so you seldom find brands who push the 20% to perfection and manage to  carve out individuality at the same time appealing to a range of gentlemen with different tastes . My favourite item are the patch chino pants which kind of stands out without an introduction with its tailored accents that the brand is known for . Its really going to suck just waiting for the whole collection ….strolls on to make tea.



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