If you told me you saw me in your dreams wearing a white and red color combo I’d probably just thank you for waking up in time to see the sun . I have tried since time never to let red and white say to each other in any ensemble that comes out of my wardrobe , I simply detest this color combo and it doesn’t have anything to do with my failure to make the red cross team in high school , till today . When I came across this photo I almost didn’t recognize my two arch enemies of color , and I must confess I am learning not to hate something or write it off just because you don’t know how to love it . I think I have always hated this color combo because the world never showed me better and it came across as basic to me especially when the both colors are over done with matching accessories. I always thought the only color that made red and white look sensible was a presence of blue in the middle somewhere but I have to admit love this look , the palette of colors works on my eye . The patterned belt definitely lifts the boring plate off the ensemble, and the studded slipper doesn’t hurt it at all. I am always learning, the day I stop will be the day inspiration dies, and I find it everywhere.  



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