FWst Sound CHECK | Macklemore x Ryan Lewis ”WINGS”

Why can’t every sound that bumps from speakers have the same  pure mixture of honesty and creativity embedded in its musical roots no matter the genre? . When my kids come to life I hope that there will be music like this to point out to, just to show my kids the snares and kicks I grew up on .i grew up a sneaker lover and so  I caught the  90 degrees hair stand on the first four bars and couldn’t help but picture my first sneaker box that had a smell better anything except mum’s home baked bread  . Independent hip-hop artists Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and director Zia Mohajerjasbi, who first collaborated on 2009’s “The Town” shot the ambitious music video to accompany “WINGS,” the first single on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ upcoming LP. Featuring the Denny International Middle School Choir and orchestral arrangements, the song was released on January 21st, and within a week has accrued tens of thousands of plays and positive reviews. Macklemore dives into a subject that we are all so familiar with but in a very inspiring perspective. We all grew up walking the corridors of school building thinking the last puzzle to our cool was our sneakers and not what we individually brought to the table , and in the same line highlights how far one will reach just to get that component . The song doesn’t have a one eye view on the subject and I love that , it doesn’t bash the sneaker culture or diminish the relevance or its rich presence in our culture but still opens the cracks just enough to let you appreciate a perfect picture with its flaws.


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