FWst Retail Therapy | DEL TORO SPRING 2012

In the middle of the recent velvet slipper craze one brand has been floating and marking its spot ON everyone’s favorite list. DEL TORO which gained popularity by knocking down the price barrier that their competitors had built, succeeded in bringing fine leisure and evening wear to a very receiving market which has earned them a spot in being one of the favorite go to brand for skillfully crafted velvet slippers. Handmade to the highest standards of quality in italy, Del Toro Shoes are said to be incredibly comfortable and are customized to the brim according to bespoke specifications. Riding on their bespoke success, DEL TORO has released their spring collection that’s planking on impressive and passive, I can’t really tell with this one. The collection sticks to del Toro’s subtle and classy approach that they are known for ,and this somehow finds them putting out efforts that have already been drained out in the market  like the leopard  PRINT VELEVET SLIPPERS. The brand shines with its brogues and chukka boots effort, and blows me away with the camouflage print velvet slippers. I personally love little corners when it comes to the  slipper tongue ,so I don’t really appreciate the Del Toro silhouette much but I’d gladly nick that camouflage print off the shelves. 


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