FWst presents | #OccupyFrewshwallstreet

Like my mum dukes says, keep the volume on your talk down and clang loudly with your shoe heel, so I decided to give y’all a sneak peak on the soon to come freshwallstreet and tru baker collaboration t shirt line . The joint feature is going to feature four designs which are still in the works but slated to hit the blog store by the end February, keep your eyes peeled. I know I am being unfair when I keep giving teasers from the online vintage leather store that I can’t wait for y’all to see, but keep to your seats it’s going to be worth it.    

I have  a couple  do it yourself projects to show you lot  , don’t blame me  I am always looking to revamping my old clothes, I love giving them new life . So I took my favorite gap jeans out and inserted a flower print material in the cuff and that’s the end, I literally cant take this pair off. Since good wood has taken a million years to think this through I took the liberty to start it out for them by making my own Jesus brooch with nothing but a safety pin and super glue. 

Arsenal : freshwallstreet x tru baker #occupyfreshwallstreet t shirt , GAP DIY PROJECT , Atros bespoke suede slippers, ssamzie vintage tote bag from trainwreckvintagestore , D.I.Y jesus brooch from Good wood  


6 responses to FWst presents | #OccupyFrewshwallstreet

  1. Akwasi Yiadom

    Really loving this.
    All the best, and please do let me have one when the line is out.
    Akwasi Yiadom

  2. Dami K

    Nice fit loving the beads and the cuff on those GAP jeans. Btw are you from West Africa? you look like you could be from Ghana or Nigeria.

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