FWst Shopper’s Guide | The Pocket Circle

When it comes to pocket squares there a few hot spots and brands that will grant you that ‘’I don’t know which one to pick’’ experience, and the buzzing brand of Edward Armah just climbed that list . Edward Armah took his first humble steps into the world of fashion about ten years ago. While managing a fashion segment, In Style, at a local radio station in his native country Ghana, he developed an intense passion for the fashion industry. In 1998, Armah went to London, United Kingdom, to learn more about fashion. He worked in a custom shop, where he concentrated on fashion design and he sketched clothing styles for leisure. Soon, he realized that London could not quench his escalating thirst for fashion. By 2000, Armah had made his way into the United States of America. He secured an appointment as personal shopper in Neiman Marcus, New Jersey. By the time he left the prestigious luxury retailer in 2006, Armah had become a seasoned professional in the customized clothing industry. Again, he put his experience to test by working for Saks Fifth Avenue, another high-end retail store. Later in his career, he worked for Oxford. While there, he spent time with experienced tailors in Chicago. Inspired by his eclectic mix of experiences Edward Armah was ready to embrace his own luxury mens dress furnishing line. In 2009, Edward Armahs fascination of butterflies and their different species led to the birth of BUTTERFLY BOWTIES LLC, now EDWARD ARMAH  a company that designs, manufactures, markets and sells a branded line of high end luxury men’s dress furnishings including handmade bowties, ascots, vests, silk robes and pocket circles. EDWARD ARMAH, the brand, aims at creating the most innovative and finest men’s dress furnishings. Edward Armah makes pocket squares for the quinitssential gentleman who wants to do less to stand out but enough to get noticed with its signature touch of bold colors and refreshing patterns . What I love about the brand is their no holds bar approach to paisley print with a beautiful command on color with a very masculine approach. shop Edward Armah 


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