FWst presents| Dear Ms. in Boots

So its been a couple of months and  I am now coming to the harsh reality that my recent love fest for women in timberland boots has edited the image of the woman of my dreams . I placed her in a mean Azzedine Alaia pumps  scooping a carton of milk for my morning bowl of cereal from the fridge, but I am sad and glad to say that was so last year . This year she is ankle deep in 6″ timberland construction boots with a mission to keep me in slumber. The visual effect of women taming something as rugged and masculine as the timberland 6″ construction boots dulls my senses, all four of them. These mean feet tenders were initially made specifically for  the male dominating construction line of  work in mind till the urban community made it a fashion staple during the acme of hip hop in the 90’s . This new craze doesn’t come as a surprise to me especially when the 6’’ inch timberland construction boots have recently gained    a rather refreshing comeback appeal especially in the wheat and black colour ways. Apart from the fact that my love for these boots go way back to recording songs on the radio over my dad’s favourite jazz tapes , i have found a new level of love for these gems on the feet of the opposite sex…i am going to go get my senses back, pardon me ..*escapes browser* (CLICK FOR MORE PHOTOS) 


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