FWst presents | a TRIBE called FRESH

You think listening to nicki minaj’s ‘’stupid *** ‘’ song twice is hard? try pulling off simple ,clean and stylish without looking passive. I always stick to my guns when it comes to the argument about the clean simple  being the most stylish people in a room, and  the only reason they its termed  simple is because its been pulled off effortlessly . When it comes to menswear the safe route has always been to stick to tradition and forget the shirt size your mother assumed for you. I chose this look because it possesses something most men still don’t know jack and jill about, the proper fit. Every gentleman has the their own preference when it comes to a break in pants, but I personally identify with this look because I prefer no break at all especially with loafers and velvet slippers ,because it breaks just right off show of skin and the shoes at the same time, and nothing says effortless like a t shirt . It’s still very disappointing that its common to find men who don’t tailor or sport a proper cuff and break in their pants, and so this visual is a string of hope that one day it will be illegal to sport pants that your tailor hasn’t approved of…lol


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