FWst presents The Higher Learning

Scene 1 : Take that tooth pick outta your mouth boy you look stupid! As a matter of fact detention for you till Santa proves he is not from Mexico! This is not a damn democracy! We are in a state of emergency and my word is law! There’s only one boss around here, and that’s me, The HNIC.

Mr. O’Malley: HNIC?

Ms. Levias: Head Nigger In Charge.

Cut! {director’s voice}

I actually remixed and practised that line in the mirror like I was going for re cast for Morgan freeman’s movie lean on me, and yes I played all parts..Joey Clarke nucca . I consistently feel selfish for showing just this part of my life line but I don’t think any blog space can fit the amazing stop and goes , and that’s minus the additional guest spot by the beautiful people in my life . Its sad that you only get to see the costume change for this real life movie. I actually had a business meeting in this episode and I didn’t want to make anybody nervous by showing up too formal so I decided to go Joey Clarke on them. So I went this preppy look that has been dubbed “the teacher look”, it swings across as very casual and formal at the same time, perfect. I still don’t have a proper blazer in my wardrobe so I pulled out my favourite suit jacket and threw it over my chinos to break that formal wall. My initial choice was a white shirt but reckoned it would go over as basic and predictable so I threw in a subtle blue from my favourite shirt makers TM lewin and added the ultimate preppy spice, the knitted tie. I opted to make the look more solid with black shoes and coordinating belt even though this look might work better with brown solids especially if its coupled with a white shirt. The bag,I’d usually sprint over the bag but this gem is actually from the upcoming online vintage store  that will hit the  web in February , it’s a 5 compartment briefcase  from luxury luggage brand samsonite . Keep your eyes peeled on the blog’s twitter account to get that first scoop on the store. CLASS Dismissed! (click for more pics) 

.  Jacket by BURTON , shirt by TM lewin , tie clip by Kenneth cole , belt by pierre cardin , chinos by TOPMAN ,shoes by KURT GEIGER , Archival samsonite briefcase from trainwreckvintagestore, knitted tie bt vertigo.


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