I recently just got the grace to pick up a new hobby amidst the hectic schedule this  life that I find myself sitting in the middle of( thank you jesus). Since I got my canon eos 500D feel like I picked up a new language , and with every passing day a new word finds me .This little addiction started with too many moments where I caught myself saying ‘I wish I could take a picture of that’, but it wasn’t until the jones of tumblr caught me especially through blogs like kwameadjaye.tumblr.com and speakingpixels.tumblr.com. Photography has opened my eyes to the unknown beauties of this world , now I catch myself staring a little longer at little boy looking both ways of the road just to cross and smiling at the man shading the sun with his satchel bag. If you happen to follow the blog on twitter (@teamfreshwallstreet, @FR3SHDAILY) then you probably know about my photo blog on tumblr (allencoleman.tumblr.com) where I post almost daily, but I have decided to run a section on here dubbed lens life , where I will post a compilation of photos with no chronological trend in event but just random photos that have found its way through my lens. (click for more photos)  


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