When it comes shoes I think my side eye look is meaner than Margaret thatcher’s when she scopes out a policy. I admit that I am not your typical shoe guy who might drool over some over done pair of louboutins, not me sir . I tend to gravitate towards shoe brands that have the ability to create shoes that border on classic, clean and subtle edge. I honestly get missed with these cluster of shoe brands who don’t have any form of identity or distinguished style to bring to the table, for example everybody and their grandmother are up to making velvet shoes and brogues without incorporating their own unique touch and flare but rather sticking to the robot sheep schedule of making shoes .I realised there are a lot of gentlemen looking out for the same type of feet candy i dig for so i deemed it the right time to highlight the shoe brand  i still have nightmares and dreams about . 

SWIMS,the shoe brand from Norway  founded by Johan,who was turned on to this concept while growing up in Norway, a country known for its distinct seasons, primarily it’s wet ones.  Johan’s grandfather passed along a pair of rubber galoshes, only these were bulky and odd looking and led to Johan being the brunt of the joke at art school that year.  After a few years in New York City, and many ruined shoes later, Johan decided it was time to take matters into his own hands.  He began with correcting the problems with the galosh, making it sleeker and more modern, which is happens to be my favorite effort from this brand. Even though my geographical location is not notoriously known for wet seasons ,   the Designed water repelling footwear  is outright  functional and pleasing to the eye, and I want them, case closed.   the Charles and the swim galoshes boast of clean silhouettes with color traits that puts them ahead of the pack with an edge that you seldom find in mens brogues or galoshes without looking tacky.




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