FWst SPOTLIGHT : Mina Evans presents Terra Firma

Among the cluster of  buzzing fashion houses that Africa has to offer , only a handpicked few are clanging their way out and making statements that have become rare in fashion, among these few handpicked ones is the Mina Evans fashion house. The Mina Evans fashion house burst out on the scene in 2010 with its first punch, and it made an impact that has fashion industry heads  excited about its second effort. Fashion houses that have the ability to spill their personal bowl of style and vision unto the runway without getting caught in the overcrowded lane of making something ‘’crazy’’ and not creative just to get to the brim of the fashion glass are almost endangered, and this where the Mina Evans collection stands out like the black kid on the Disney channel. The recent effort from the mina Evans fashion house dubbed terra firma , a Latin word meaning “firm or solid ground”, the collection intricately incorporates the tie dye technique creating a luxurious marble effect accentuated with beads imported from the Czech Republic. The collection is inspired by the Earth with dominant base tones of orange, beige, mustard and brown. Splashes of teal and white are added for softness through the use of raw silks and chiffons. The  collection  boasts of   elegant  form  fitting  dresses  and  separates  with impeccable detailing using handpicked embellishments; a signature of the brand. The Mina Evans collection clearly sits in the cleavage of ready to wear with a touch class that gives its client the opportunity to channel their personal style through the lines vision. ‘’The collection has been carefully designed to ensure a beautiful marriage of elegance and simplicity without compromising on style and glamour‘’ Mina Evans , creative director . I am personally not disappointed with the second effort of this brand with its evident maturity in the mixture of color and play of fabric ….claps and sips tea. (click for more pics) click here to shop mina evans 


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