Fwst presents : The seven dwarfs & a pair of snow pants

If I had to pack for a trip to the south of france, heaven and the grand canyon, one item my luggage  would  have in common wud be my white pants .It really tickles me everytime people make statements like “white pants are trending”,where did they go? Is what I always ask. Like a every cook has a bottle of vinegar in his arsenal I believe every wardrobe should come with a pair of white pants . When it comes to the holy trinity of pants the white denim sits right in the middle of the dark selvedge denim and the stone chino pants . The white denim pants through time has been known to takes center stage on labour day as part of the “wear white”  custom associated with it or when a very bored friend of yours decides to throw an all white party , People don’t admit but the only reason they shy away from the white light is because they don’t know what to do with it , and this that is the part that saddens me because there is nothing you can’t do with white unless you want to pair it with red , please don’t do that unless you get monthly cheques from the red cross. (click for more)          White performs  as a perfect canvas for color coordination and that’s the one reason why I personally think it shouldn’t be restricted to any occasion or season . It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of dark neutral colors like me or you gravitate towards the bright and loud color sector , white should be your best friend . You are probably wondering if white why necessarily pants , well, the white pants is versatile in the mid section because as a  color canvas it leaves enough room for other clothing that centers around it to play with. For example white is the perfect addition when you want to mix both neutral and loud colors to a look , it works , period. I love pairing my white pants with neutral and dark colors when I want to spice up an already boring outfit , it almost brings the sun out on a boring piece . So by now you are probably mentally  scrolling through your wardrobe   trying to fit these white denim jewels in , the truth is everything starts better from the ground , so pick out your favorite t shirt or shirt and start playing with looks  The jewell about white pants are they never overshadow or hide anything you pair them with , for instance that busy floral shirt you can’t seem to pair with anything will work perfect with white denim because it allows the item to be the centre of attention without being heavy on the eye . The white pants is similar to a stretched vocal note , and so any stop attracts attention , this makes it the perfect addiction to an outfit that wants to stand out with gentle tone. Pairing them with  loud colors makes beautiful eye music especially if the bright colored item is toned down to one piece or is cordinated with a different bright color altogether  , for instance a an orange nautica inspired sweater coupled with white pants with other orange colored items kills it, my secret is to always add a dash of dark or neutral color to fence off that predictable look . And this can be done from down up, the loud piece can be your shoes and then tones down at the top with a dark neutral color or color blocked with a complementary loud color .You can go wrong with too much ketchup on your fries but you cant go wrong with too much white between your waist and ankles.  


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