09.01.2012 |FWst PSA : theCOOLonesHAVEbeenBORN

I do not blog I live. I get offended whenever they bag me with the word ‘’blogger’’ so excuse the ‘correct pilot, wrong plane’’ facial that I am sporting. I am sorry but I wake to a dream that this URL is more than just another domain that you check out, I actually envision you sipping tea with your legs crossed, vicariously  living through words and images that unconsciously  break the routine interval at which you sip your tea. We didn’t plan on making  paying attention so cheap but somebody had to highlight all the things that you easily take for granted, yes GOD is everywhere, he wants your dreams to  sit in existence the same way your tie knot sits between your  collar, perfectly. I started living through this domain a couple years ago after I realized I was part of a family I never knew existed, and I want to thank all the followers you have been down  since my face book days , I honestly do it because you appreciate it. I want to thank all those who send mails of inspiration, and not forgetting those whose objective is only remind me how long I haven’t posted any material, you guys are my fuel. This is not a show off boat,  I am here to inspire so I will continue to spew my thoughts and life till your tea gets cold . It’s a new year and the flight arrangements haven’t changed , but feel free to pack an extra bag because this flight is going to be a little bit personal .Ladies and gentlemen another 366 days has been approved, lets live. (click for more pics)

 Denim shirt by KENNETH COLE , Tailored washed denim shorts by ASOS , kente pocket square by GENTLEMAN’S NEEDLE , Shoes by River Island , beads courtesy of  HOPE BEADS by OKD .


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