FWST SPOTLIGHT : Who squared the D?

So we took up CNN’s dedication on reminding you that “you are now watching CNN” and chanelled it through our own “Style is acquired not bought ” slogan . 

BREAKING NEWS * insert news medley produced by @DJjuls*

Good morning/evening/afternoon viewers , we are now getting heart reports from our correspondents is that Dsquared is going against the worldwide consented law that style is not bought but acquired , yes ladies and gentleman they have done the unbelievable, THEY ARE SELLING STYLE !

Dsquared’s autumn collection has blown me away to bits smaller than the cereal my niece spilt on the floor . The collection boasts of 60’s inspired pieces with a tailored influence that will not go over the latest craze of women a growing eye for the tailors hand . My love factor with the collection is how the vision represented, from the colour combos to how the pieces were put together, anyone can definitely go by the collection and get a star stripe for style . Another fact that manages to let this collection stand out for me is just the simple fact cohesive collections are becoming extinct , which for anyone with style its not a problem because we are mostly eager to do something different with what was shown on the runway , but we seldom have collections that just make you want to throw the towel in and not break the glass.


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