FWST | #theCOOLonesHAVEalreadyBEENborn

#TheCOOLonesHAVEalreadybeenBORN :  I haven’t got a stack of birth certificates to argue my case but I brought  some evidence, I wish to prepare the court for my exhibition 1, Alexia. My camera and I run into alexia at the recently held playbook football tournament, which I must confess was a tad bit style -dry till this dark skin Barbie showed up.  Style doesn’t pretend, neither doesn’t shy away from dancing when its favorite song comes on, and that’s what Alexia is no stranger to. She’s   hands down one of the most confident and warmest   street style candidate I have ever shot. Alexia rocks a very casual look with a twist of edge coupling a basic tank top with a dark wash boyfriend denim pants and   print converse chuck Taylors. The court may now question the witness:FWST | How would you describe your style ? 

 Alexia | Cool, retro, sexy

FWST | What’s your  favorite item in your wardrobe right now , if God comes right now what clothing item would you take to heaven?

ALEXIA: My black patent slippers are probably my most treasured item. When I wear them I feel like a boss

FWST: Your feet candy gives you off as one with a unqiue eye for sneakers , how much of a sneaker head are you ?

 ALEXIA: To be honest I’m not crazy about sneakers, I’m really into unique looks, something different. I go for sneakers only when their really cool

 FWST | What trend do you think should die right now aka the last thing you’d do?

ALEXIA | Umm the trend I think should die asap!! Is this air force trend they are just way to thick, shapeless and just STANDARD. So before I die I would like to burn all air forces and ban them altogether  FWST: If you had to fill your wardrobe with just one brand what brand would it be?

 ALEXIA: Asos!!!!!!! Don’t do obvious designer unless its discrete

 FWST | fill in the blank space : if I don’t __________ for a day will pass out and wake up on the 29th feb  2012

Alexia |  If I don’t DRINK MALTA GUINESS  I will pass out FOREVER


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