FWST | the ZOO got fancy

Someone please these animals off my feet! Ok ik kidding I actually want a lepoerd, one zebra and a snake on my feet and I want them live in leather please.   The animal print craze has now graduated from the backs of runway models to the feet of the guy ordering the zinger burger at KFC, and  the people from PETA are not throwing fits so lets just say the animals are safe on our feet for now. I AM ACTUALLY impressed with some of the offerings from these sneaker houses , and it’s nice to see sneakers going outside the box   with a pinch of class in it . Everyone has got their favorite animal in the zoo…lets pick mine

These babies are my favorite and they lamping on my ‘’hunt down’’ . Teaming up with recently relaunched OG New York brand Pony, Staten Island’s most famous designer duo Dee and Ricky, give the Topside low a Cheetah-skin twist with a burst of fruity Skittles flavour. All we want to know is, who would win in a fight between these, the Jeremy Scott Leopards and the AF1 Harajuku Tigers? Topped off with a vintage tiger chevron and a set of eight rainbow laces.PLEASE READ THIS AND MOVE ON , I would really love  to be the only person in the room sporting this so if we do happen to share the same geographical location and you are planning on getting this I think it’s fair for me to declare war like a gentleman .


One response to FWST | the ZOO got fancy

  1. MsCat

    I love animal prints. I’m so into leopard print right now it’s becoming unhealthy!!! I have 4 pairs of feet candy all in leopard print and I still can’t get enough of it!! But I cant wait to find some zebra print fashion candy either!! I’m loving that we’re so in sync!!! ❤

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