Fwst | #wishLIST : Charles Philip

Dear santa ( all concerned family members, friends and enemies who want to make up), I know this request is a tad bit late but if these Charles Philip loafers (especially the one pictured above) were to come in the mail I promise I wouldn’t use the B word ever again (disclaimer: the utterance of the B word due to road rage will be excused). Its not a secret that ever since I cheated on sneakers with loafers I never went back, im glad, she treats me well. Loafers exude class, period, they are like what a billionaire would wear on the weekend (feel free to up the billions if the zeros don’t match your picture). These Charles Philip loafers put a capital C on Classy! , the silhouette of these shoes are so different from anything out there and that’s a score to me . I do not know the composition of the materials  these gems are made from but they sure look good to a king from this side . score?  10/10  


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