You know that moment when you witness something so beautiful and after a few seconds of marveling you start to wonder ‘’how the hell did they come up with this?’’. That’s the same feeling I got when I came across florie’s blog.She describes herself as a ‘m a 22 year old graduate with more regard for shoes than oxygen and she doesn’t leave out the fact that she’s lady , a real lady Her  blog reeked of fun, independent, warmth and adventure all rammed up into one url. Florie is actually the inspiration behind my ‘’THE COOL PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY BEEN BORN’’ series on my tumblr account.lFlorie exudes a friendly kind of cool that locks you in before you know it, and this ability is so evident in her style of clothing. I love it when people don’t leave their personality out of their style and Florie executes that to the t . From her writing you can almost see and link the thoughts that go into her outfit and her personality. Florie incorporates what I call ‘’everything’’ into her own style , from tailored elements to traces of a tom boy, she manages to  exhibit a sense of style very difficult to box. Another thing that amazes me about florie is the Do.It.Yourself attitude she holds on her wardrobe , and she scores from clothing to jewelry with no intention of taking prisoners. I love coming across individuals like florie who push the envelope beyond what the world offers but also take more than a little time out to give the world a little taste of themselves. #theCOOLonesHAVEalreadyBEENborn 



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