Today our street style comes courtesy of our sister blog fasasha.com. We just couldn’t ignore the cup style filled with this episode so we decided to air on here too. When the climate gets a little nifty people tend to have a love hate relationship with their wardrobe .i am one who personally loves the wardrobe change the climate brings solely because piecing outfits together seems a little bit more interesting . When I came across this post I instantly fell in love with the layering on this Gentleman. I always say dress and look forward to peel every layer with anxiety and pride when the need comes. I love the mute and neutral colors played in this outfit which usually works best with cold seasons because you get to put together items that compliment and exist with each other without clashing, and neutral and mute colors gets the best bet. The addition of the kente pocket square is such a brilliant idea! It brings a matured pop to the outfit that few accessories have the ability to.

The second look is by courtesy of photographer William Yan. I love the palette of this outfit, another skillfully put together color scheme very fresh for the fall. I love the shade of the denim pants; it doesn’t over shadow any piece but yet gives the solid color brogues to play center stage. The tweed blazer coupled with the news paper boy hat allows the outfit so much class, I love it. When knowledge of fit, color work and accessories come to play, a masterpiece is always in the works.


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