cHristmasWishList : Put santa on speed dial!

It’s that time of the year again and so you we baked the Christmas wish list early, and  you are mistaken if you thought I was going to let it cool before another tick on this broken Casio (insert image of broken Casio watch with a brown strap) pass us by. This year we have decided not to repeat mistakes that had cringing right through to the New Year, so we put Santa on speed Dial and decided to do a post just so he doesn’t miss it. SANTA= all family, friends and colleagues who are smart enough to take a hint. l These black square framed acetate sunglasses by Oliver Peoples with green lenses exude timeless cool and sitting on top of my ”if i dont get this i’ll *insert what you wouldnt do if i paid you a million swiss franc’s* . The clean, minimalist style and lightweight material mean they’re an everyday way . I heard santa already got some miles on this one, you know he gets the neu neu early early. 

If anybody ever wants to count how many ways to kill me I would suggest they include handing me this Acapulco Gold crewneck sweater right before 6:15 on any day…they get to choose whether am or pm . I am loving this crewneck sweater from Acapulco Gold and I wouldn’t want it in any other color! You could throw this on a light wash or dark wash denim and it would still work like an employee who just threatens to quit but never does.

  I honestly think sporting a tie (excluding the silk rich heavy ties) especially a knitted or a medium width silk tie  without a tie clip should be a crime punishable by endless supply of Oprah’s  O magazine. I love this tie clip by Thom browne , its subtle and distinctive Thom browne  color addition executes what these other brands always get wrong. We don’t want any over the top features or design that takes away the soft touch of a tie clip to an outfit , but we definitely don’t mind letting you this one costs a brick in humble way. God bless Thom browne   

I need to read this book before the year breaks. Period. I’m HUGE fan of the clipse (if you have no clue kindly I am ashamed…vvery ashamed of you) and so I am taking a cab and going past the reviews straight to read this one. The book tells the story of Gene Elliot thornton also known as malice from the rap duo the clipse, It basically sheds light on his  childhood, family life, and life in the industry. Most importantly this book tells how his life was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ.

I had some personal research done and I have come to realize that I rarely lose my temper when I am anything denim , so I have decided on this vintage levi denim jacket for a life time without hot heads and throwing tantrums without a permit . Santa I think I have said enough.

Dear 6’’ timberland construction boots, I know I have cheated on you a couple of times and I never said my goodbye when I just up and left you with no reason, I am sorry, take me back, santa knows my address, please pass by. The End .

Every man has that one watch that they want to get and pass on to their sons or daughters, not me , I am taking mine six feet. I have to own a junghans maxbill watch before I pass away, period. No it doesn’t cost an arm and leg like a rolex does but it packs more heat than a somalian afternoon. The Maxbill is perfect for the office because its not chunky, its clean ,subtle  and it effortlessly exudes class. Class will never be dismissed on this one …keep reading the dial students .

If you are the kind of man who leaves home with just his wallet and phone you’d probably not gravitate towards this, so kindly scroll to the top, if you are not then kindly feel free to thank me when Santa delivers. I am longing to put my hands on this sleek black leather document carrier from Zara. I am happy someone decided to make a quality document carrier that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg .

*Licks stamp and sends to santa*



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