TheReturnofTheGentleman : Dan Trepanier

  When the popular saying “wait till the best dressed walk in the room before you crown yourself the best dressed  ” comes to mind I instantly picture my top 5 best dressed men alive at the door  , and Dan Trepanier  sits right there comfortably in the middle. When it comes to people that I admire when style is the topic  to I can honestly say there are not a lot on the top floor, and that maybe because I personally seldom come across individuals who perfect the  merging of  “how its supposed to be done ” and “this is how I want to do it” . I admit that  Dan Trepanier  has bumped up the number of Americans on everyone’s best dressed male list which we all know are fewer than the shots Shaquille O’neal made behind the free throw line .    I believe style doesn’t wake up a full adult , it grows and evolves just like every other living thing and through these stages we learn and pick insipirations from various sources.  Dan Trepanier  has been one of my fav picks because he identifies with my story from being a street wear fiend to his present style which reeks of a more tailored appeal.  Dan Trepanier  has a knack for  sticking to tradition and pushing the envelope at the same time .

. The dapper gentleman who sleeps in the middle of style and grace that   puts you in a room where you admire and at the same time makes you aspire  to step out of the house differently the next time has become so rare, Dan’s neighbor can’t say the same  .  ♠”We havnt finished milking the rules so why book a flight to break them” ♠

 In a day when the only time people crown you stylish is when you   pull off something your granny wud frown on   or utterly creative crazy . I am downplaying the creative additions our generation have made, but a few people are bringing back the beauty of the rules and  Dan Trepanier sits right on top of that list . I admire Dan Trepanier  for his eye and his  knowlegde tailored clothes which is evident with just one glance . Another style gem that sets him apart is his love making classic pieces look like the idea of this generation.  Dan Trepanier is pushing the envelope and every gentleman with style around the world gets the message in the envelope when it’s mailed.              


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