I am going to admit that  even though I was excited about h&m’s joint venture with Versace  I didn’t expect anything that wasn’t already in the grocery store but I now you can feel free to picture me out of my seat clapping. I won’t shy away from admitting that this by far my favorite h&m collection in their series of joining creative heads with high end fashion houses. Throughout their joint collaborations it’s obvious that Versace is the only brand  that has  really brought itself to the table without leaving anything behind, this collection is so Versace. The collection boasts of the quintessential Versace  bright prints, bold colours,tropical and baroque prints that its so popularly known for . I am not a fan of Versace but I have to say this is the best collection I have seen from especially and its surprising it had to through a mass customer catering house like h&m . I do not how Versace did its fit for the mass consumption but if it fit any good as it fits on the models it’s safe to say they did their thing. The mens collection boasts of a shawl collar blazer and jacket with print patterned sleeves that I am willing to do manual labor for, the fuscia pink suit and the leather pants with the studs kind of missed me with the cupid arrow. The men’s collection really came out for the bold gentleman who is daring enough with pieces like the  black-and-white Op Art print shirt and matching pants ( I am sure Elton john has pre-ordered that already) and the fuchsia pink suit which I think will work beautifully if the jacket and pants are worked with separate outfits ( call in the color blockers). The women’s collection hit a home run as I am loving every item from the silk mini skirt  with Versace’s iconic Greek key motif on the hem, slinky black gown with gold hardware  evoking Gianni’s famous safety pin dress from 1994, made famous by Elizabeth Hurley and trendy mini skirts took the cake and the birthday boy . Versace didn’t go easy on the leather works , I haven’t seen them in person but they look detailed and butter soft   and I am anxious to see how they are priced because these pieces don’t look cheap at all.




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