Soko Stingo (Swahili for style market) is a lifestyle market which  features  brands from all over the continent  and  establishes itself as an  avenue to showcase as well as a suitable medium for clients to  purchase original items at affordable prices and at the same time serve as a platform for networking and trade exchange, and the FWST team were present to mark the inaugural edition .The focal  mission of the style market  is to foster a direct relationship between the brands and buyers from across Africa, thereby ensuring creative exchange and improvement in fashion trade between these countries trades and consumers. All the proceeds from Soko Stingo go to a selected charity as part of an initiative to promote African creativity at no cost and FWST is proud to be part of this movement . The FWst team hit up the venue early to catch the early worm and I strangely  ended up switching clothing  from head to toe *insert superman phone booth*. I was so impressed with the labels showing that I ended picking up items and wearing them on the spot !…i was blessed enough to be the early one so I got to pick out great items like the paisley print espadrilles from ttdalk and an exclusive iamISIGO t-shirt . A  few familiar talent houses like Mina Evans , GREY,ALALI and Wana Sambo didn’t fail to impress .  When the sun comes out  at a style market its only natural that it becomes the cue for the beautiful people to swoop in. …the like button is on the bottom, feel free to click it twice just to be sure.        

These bags from Designforlove with wooden handles and Ankara fabric  won my heart at first glance and it wasn’t a surprise when they started flying off to new owners with no shame .

These steps of of elegance were by courtesy of ttdalk and the paisley print espadrilles had me changing footwear for the day. The house of ttdalk had some driving shoes and pretty flats for ladies but their line of espadrilles certainly takes the cake with the creative selection of material and the undeniable comfort it offers.

One of my favorite street brands Charlatans by  iamISIGO proved itself once again with its new collection of polo shirts , tee shirts and tanks tops .

The brain behind the Charlatans street wear brand Bubu Ogisi with @RiyaDiva from #teamMINAEVANS

The main essence of soko stingo is to bridge the gap between the featured talent houses and its customers , and also to create a platform to  streamline networking between  fashion houses.

The Mina Evans Fashion house also blessed sosko stingo with their presence and making their touch of elegance not too far from the reach of the audience

Nigerian favorites like GREY ,ALALI  and WANA SAMBO made it easy for the audience to go in retail circles. It was inspiring to see these talent houses interact with their clients and vice versa.

       The style market had some beautiful people out on a Sunday afternoon and it was nothing but love with a mixed crowd all going through retail therapy.            The event brought some of my fav bloggers out like @gezellerenee from oreosandheartbreaks.tumblr.com l                            

check out more photos from the event on the photo blog www.allencoleman.tumblr.com .

soko stingo in motion by @fashionistagh



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