FWST: God.is.my.Stylist

Why do i blog? Cos I can. Why am i carrying a satchel on a saturday morning? Because I am carrying more than my pride when I leave the pad . Satisfied? Good. I am happy to be  geographically located in a place where I never get to tuck my t shirts away because of the weather…its summer all year round, the only ice around here is currently paying rent in my glass of mango juice..Africa I you.

 I love wearing black and so I was more than pleased when I got my hands on the new line of t shirts from the Iamisigo street wear line in black. I can’t stress on how much I love this t shirt’s  fit and the attention to detail on it .  I have been waiting to show you guys my newly thrifted satchel . I think I am done buying new bags off the rack for a minute now since I got into thrifting . Its a lovely experience when you find something with so much more to it than just a price tag .                                                                                ♠                                                                          ♠

TSHIRT by THE CHARLATANS of IAMISIGO , SATCHEL:  thrifted, SHOES by Bronx, Chinos by H&M, Watch: nautica, HTW empowerment beads


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